North Frontier Foods' Cornbread and Pancake Mixes

The Farmer


 The Farmer of North Frontier Farms and Foods

Meet organic farmer Ole Norgaard. He owns a 330 acre farm close to Shonkin just north of the Highwood Mountains in Montana. He also leases 2 other farms, "The Far Away Farm" is 185 miles to the northeast, and the other leased farm is 40 miles to the southwest. With a total of nearly 2000 acres things are busy at the farm. He grows the black/purple corn along with organic wheat, barley, spelt, rye, peas, lentils/oats,alfalfa and grass hay. 

Ole has been involved in farming all his life and his dedication to farming and his deep understanding of nature are reflected in both the products that he develops as well as in his farming practices.

Ole is also the founder of the small organic company, North Frontier Foods, where he has developed and makes the outstanding cornbread and pancake mixes using the specialty black/purple corn.

Ole holds a Bachelor Degree in Agricultural Science and a Specialized Degree in Agricultural Economy and Management. Ole has served on the Montana Organic Association board as treasurer and chair and is currently the chair of the Organic Advisory and Education Council in Montana.

North Frontier Farms and Foods are certified organic though Montana Department of Agriculture – see

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